Badibidu HQ is complete 🙌

Badibidu HQ is complete 🙌

Since I got a new website not all the old blog posts have come with me. OK I admit it we've lost loads of them in a big pile of PLEASE DONT MAKE ME RE-DO WORK I'VE ALREADY DONE. I can't make myself copy, paste, add photos and re-write right now. Maybe one day, but not today satan.

Cool filament style bulb lamp with old drawing framed propped up behind it

BUT I do plan to start filling the blog with new shiny stuff and this is the first, an invitation to come and see my new studio! Badibidu HQ is finally up and running apart from a couple of shelves and its basically the best non-sentient thing I've ever had in my life.

It's calm, enclosed and all mine. It's full of ideas and colour and precious things. Like this beautiful filament style bulb next to a picture my Dad let me borrow on the promise I'd give it back. He died quite a long time ago but this still isn't my picture and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I have all of my notebook and greetings card stock stored and easy to get to. Prints, originals and canvases all arranged, stacked and some displayed. You can come and see the studio and all stock in person by emailing to arrange an appointment. Or you and a friend can come and have a beginners watercolour session with me. An introduction to an antiperfect way of colourful painting with watercolour. Email me if you'd like to arrange to come and visit on

Cat painting at the studio painting desk with a blank wall to the left ready for shelves to go up
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