Carers Week 2024 and insincere half-niceties from Chat GPT

Carers Week 2024 and insincere half-niceties from Chat GPT

Hey Chat GPT, write me a coherent blog post for Carers Week 2024 written from my viewpoint as a carer of autistic and ADHD children. No martyrdom, no pity seeking, don't give too many kids details, explain how much I admire people who choose to care because it's so bloody hard and those who got thrown into it suddenly without a say in the matter, and how much empathy I feel for those sinking under the paperwork, meetings, physical toll, unpredictability...

Oh look, what a surprise it's a total pile of total crap including the words 'heroic', 'dedication', 'strength' and most ridiculous of all 'self care'.

I didn't really expect anything good, I was just fascinated if it would even give me an idea of where to start in explaining how I feel and how much love I want to throw to friends who are carers, and all those I've never met but increasingly get to talk to on social media, who are all battling the ridiculous lack of assistance.

Really all it highlighted to me was how words don't touch it.

Because the hard thing is you don't feel like anyone understands. You can't really talk about how hard it can be to anyone, because you feel disloyal to the people you're caring for, but you feel very alone, and you have no way of fixing that. I want to be a better friend and family member but I get so busy in my head that everything else gets neglected. The ADHD obviously doesn't help. But I have beloved friends who I haven't spoken to for years, let alone gone out with. I can get out, nobody is stopping me and my situation is one of the more flexible you'll come across on the caring spectrum. But I feel anxious when I try to arrange it which I think is an off-shot of years of not being able to get out without causing distress to other people, which is a guaranteed way to make sure you don't enjoy the temporary relief of a well-earn break.

So I end this email (which is CHOCK FULL of love being sent to all of you) and I offer you this closing paragraph to vomit over and then head off cackling to a cold cup of coffee and the never ending pile of washing.

Thanks Chat GPT for this rubbish ⬇️

'...So, here’s to us, the carers. Let’s use this week to connect, share our stories, and lift each other up. Let’s celebrate our resilience, our dedication, and our unwavering love for those we care for. We might not wear capes, but we’re superheroes in our own right.

Thank you for everything you do, and remember to take care of yourself too.'

LOOOOOOOL ok thanks I'll just be over here with slices of cucumber on my eyes and my feet up (not really I'm allergic to cucumber)

WE DON'T GOT THIS, and that's ok. It's ridiculously hard sometimes, thank dog for having each other to chat to hey? Go and drink some water.

Cheerio for now, speak soon

ps. The best way to help our carers (professional, informal and family, young and older) is voting in the general election to get the Conservatives out.

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