Wedding bouquet commissions - the process

Wedding bouquet commissions - the process

A beautiful wedding bouquet has hours of work go in - from choosing the perfect flowers and colours to make the carrier of the bouquet feel amazing, to the florist guiding the best plant combination, shape, palette and ultimately creating the final product. With all that work having gone into it you want to enjoy it for longer than a day don’t you?!

In this post I’m going to run through the stages we go through in the commission process so that you know what to expect. Hopefully you’ve already taken a look at my paintings so you know my painting style, but here you’ll see how the photos turn into a watercolour sketch which eventually turns into the final piece!

As you can imagine we start out with you sending me photos of your bouquet and letting me know if any flowers are your favourites or of particular importance. You can also choose whether to have your painting on flat watercolour paper in a frame, or if you would prefer it stretched onto a frame like a canvas.

After this point when we know we’ve chosen the right colours and you can see roughly which flowers I’ve selected to include I will start painting the final piece. At this point I can send you occasional sneak peaks if you’d like them or it can be a total surprise once complete.

The thick fluid you can see on the process photos are masking fluid, they peel off at the end to reveal white underneath and is really useful for white flowers. It won’t be 3D in the final piece.

The painting will have tiny details inked in and be signed by me and then when the final artwork is totally dry I’ll send you photos!

If you have chosen to have the painting stretched onto a frame like a canvas then at this point I will finish it with a wax medium which will enhance the colours and protect the painting underneath. Once it has had 3 thin coats and had time to dry it will be buffed to a subtle sheen.

I’m really happy to answer any questions so please get in touch if you have any queries at all. 

Cheerio for now!


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