My Studio

Badibidu HQ is complete and I can't believe it's all mine. Built from Yorkshire stone, snuggled under sycamore trees on the edge of the Peaks in Yorkshire, it's a calm and happy place to sit and stare into the greenery whilst painting and making. The best bit about it is that I can start multiple paintings simultaneously as I have space for paint layers to dry whilst I work on something else!

The Badibidu studio, built from stone and sat in a woodland garden.

a photo of the wall of the studio including various tools and artworksa selection of watercolour books on the studio windowsillthe watercolour desk and windowsill
items in the badibidu watercolour studio Cat reaching for a paintbrush

You can arrange to visit the studio to see current completed art as well as work in progress by contacting me at

Photos by Danni Maibaum.